Treating Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are something which can strike anybody at anytime and it is basically an inflammation of the anus which can be internal or external depending on how severe the case is. Side effects can include pain when going to the toilet, blood in the stools, itching, discomfort and if they are external hemorrhoids then you will be able to see and feel something which might feel a little like a small bunch of grapes on the outside of the anus. One type of hemorrhoids which can become quite painful is thrombosed external hemorrhoids. If you don’t know what these are and you are worried that you might be suffering from it, and then take a look at this article for more information now.

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Thrombosed external hemorrhoids are essentially external hemorrhoids which are being strangled by their own veins. This means that they could die off which can cause more pain and they can also be quite serious if left untreated, however don’t despair if you think you might be suffering from thrombosed external hemorrhoids because there are successful ways of treating them. There are home treatments which you can try which will ease the pain and inflammation of thrombosed hemorrhoids, but in order to successfully get rid of them you might have to consider surgery. Some people prefer to avoid surgery, but when it comes to thrombosed hemorrhoids, natural treatments can be unsuccessful in treating them as mostly they can only ease the pain.

Surgery for hemorrhoids is generally only used in severe cases, but with thrombosed external hemorrhoids they can be a little bit more dangerous and painful. So your doctor might refer you for hemorrhoid removal. This can be done in a number of ways. One of the simplest ways to get rid of thrombosed hemorrhoids are by laser surgery when a laser is used to cut off the hemorrhoids, however this is not always successful as they may come back. Another form of surgery is hemorrhoidectomy which is often used in severe cases and cases of thrombosed hemorrhoids and this involves making an incision into the hemorrhoids to cut them off. This form of surgery is usually very successful and a lot of people are referred for this if they have a lot of pain and discomfort. However, recovery time can be quite long and a lot of patients complain of bad after effect pains. This surgery can also lead to side effects in later life such as incontinence.

Rubber band litigation is also commonly used when it comes to treating thrombosed hemorrhoids and this involves wrapping an elastic band around external hemorrhoids so that they eventually die and drop off. Hemorrhoids can be helped by keeping a healthy, fiber rich diet as well as drinking lots of water. For more information on thrombosed hemorrhoids, run a quick search on any good search engine today.


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